[Music] King Moses – Fire And Storm


king moses

Renowned Nigerian gospel musician King Moses is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “Fire and Storm.” This stirring track offers a message of unwavering faith and divine assurance, reminding listeners of God’s constant presence during life’s most challenging moments.

“Fire and Storm” features poignant lyrics that speak directly to the heart. With lines like “In the midst of the fire, In the midst of the storm, In the midst of the turbulent times, I’m your quiet still voice,” King Moses delivers a powerful reminder of God’s promise to never leave nor forsake His people. The song’s repetition of “Oh, I will never leave you, Oh, I will not forsake” underscores this comforting message.

The single is a beautiful blend of soulful melodies and inspiring words, making it a perfect addition to any worship playlist. King Moses’ heartfelt performance and lyrical depth are sure to resonate with listeners, providing solace and hope in trying times.

Experience the transformative power of faith with King Moses’ “Fire and Storm,” available now on all major music platforms.


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