[Music] Vumomse – We Worship You



Nigerian gospel artist Vumomse is thrilled to unveil their first musical project of 2024, titled “We Worship You.” This soulful and contemplative song serves as a powerful call to worship for believers, reflecting on the eternal act of reverencing God as depicted in Revelation 5:11-13.

“We Worship You” is more than just a musical composition; it is a heartfelt expression of the purpose of believers—to spend eternity glorifying God. Inspired by the heavenly scenes described in Revelation, Vumomse paints a vivid picture of angels and creatures encircling the throne, declaring the worthiness of the Lamb who was slain.

This inspiring song challenges listeners to embrace their call to worship God wholeheartedly, not just through music but through lives of obedience and love. [Artist Name] desires that this musical offering will awaken hearts to a deeper understanding of worship and inspire a lifestyle of pure devotion to the Lord.

“We Worship You” will be available on all major streaming platforms starting March 28, 2024, inviting audiences to experience a transformative moment of worship and reflection.

Join Vumomse on this spiritual journey as we embrace the call to worship God in spirit and in truth through the uplifting melodies of “We Worship You.”


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