[Music] Chris Morgan – Agba Ojomi


Chris Morgan

Renowned Nigerian gospel artist Chris Morgan has delighted fans with the release of his inspiring new single titled “Agba Ojomi.” This heartfelt song is a powerful expression of gratitude and worship, celebrating the faithfulness and goodness of God.

In “Agba Ojomi,” Chris Morgan delivers soul-stirring verses and captivating choruses filled with reverence and devotion. The song reflects on God’s intervention and provision in times of need, emphasizing His role as the hope of glory and source of endless blessings.

Through emotive lyrics and Chris Morgan’s distinctive vocal delivery, “Agba Ojomi” becomes an anthem of timeless worship and endless gratitude to the Almighty. The song invites listeners to join in offering their lives as a living sacrifice to God, acknowledging His sovereignty and faithfulness.

Listeners will be drawn into moments of worship and reflection as they experience the profound spirituality conveyed through “Agba Ojomi.”

This compelling single is now available for streaming and download on all major music platforms, offering audiences an opportunity to connect with God through Chris Morgan’s inspiring music.

Join Chris Morgan on this uplifting musical journey and immerse yourself in the timeless worship of “Agba Ojomi.”


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