[Music + Video] Jimmy D Psalmist ft. Mr M & Revelation – Dike N’Ogu (Mighty Warrior)


jimmy d psalmist

The much-anticipated collaboration between renowned gospel music ministers, Jimmy D Psalmist and Mr. M & Revelation, is finally here with the release of their powerful song “Dike N’Ogu” (Mighty Warrior) available now on YouTube and all major music streaming platforms.

“Dike N’Ogu” is a declaration of God’s sovereignty and strength, masterfully delivered by Jimmy D Psalmist and complemented by Mr M & Revelation’s dynamic melodic fusion. The song’s powerful message, coupled with their anointed voices, creates a worship experience that touches hearts and inspires faith.

Listeners can now immerse themselves in the anointed melodies and heart-stirring lyrics that affirm God’s strength, victory, and unfailing love. “Dike N’Ogu” is a testament to the artists’ dedication to spreading the message of faith and praise through their music.

Jimmy D Psalmist shared his thoughts on the collaboration, stating, “Working with Mr. M & Revelation on “Dike N’Ogu” has been a divine experience. We aimed to create a song that encourages believers to trust in God as the ultimate Mighty Warrior, just like Elijah did in his time.”

The accompanying music video is a visual spectacle inspired by the biblical account of Elijah’s encounter with the Prophets of Baal and delivers a compelling message of God’s unwavering power to answer prayers, overcome obstacles and demonstrate His authority over all.

This epic collaboration has been eagerly anticipated by fans and followers of both artists and its release on YouTube and streaming platforms allows a global audience to join in this powerful worship encounter.

Join Jimmy D Psalmist and Mr. M & Revelation in exalting “The Mighty Warrior” through their compelling new song. Experience the anointing, the praise, and the celebration of God’s greatness, available now on YouTube and all major music streaming platforms.

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