Pastor David Ibiyeomie Recounts How God Blessed Him Abundantly After Sowing Seed Of 5,000


pastor David ibiyeomie

The senior and founding pastor of Salvation Ministries, David Ibiyeomie, has recounted how God blessed him through a woman, after sowing a seed of 5,000.

According to the clergyman, he stated he earned about 5,000 at that time he used to work, and his wife asked him for money to go to market when he heard the voice of God speak to him.

David Ibiyeomie said while he thought about it, he said to himself, he would give the money to God.

Recalling the incident, he said, “My wife told me she wanted to go to the market in 1997, and my salary was N5,000.”

“She said to me upstairs, ‘My husband, we have to go to the market’, and, I said to her, ‘I am coming’. But, I heard God say to me, ‘Give me the N5,000. That’s madness!

“Nobody will give you money physically. Your wife said she wanted to go to the market, and that day, you earned your salary, with no other money elsewhere. And, God said, ‘Give me’? You need faith. You can hear God but without faith, it won’t produce.”

And while he gave the money sacrificially to God, he stated that about an hour later, a woman sent him about 25,000 naira at that time, with various foodstuffs.

He also revealed that the woman’s husband, who happens to be a stingy man, and has never given her 100,000 before, gave her 1million.

He said, “The same day her husband— a very stingy man— who had never given her N100,000 before gave her N1m, after which he got a job in Abuja.”

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