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[Music + Video] Show Yourself – Mr. M & Revelation
By Ayodele Smart- March 29, 2024
Show Yourself – Mr. M & Revelation

A captivating melody that ignites worship and fervent prayer. His identity is unquestionable, as He remains the Almighty, faithfully fulfilling every promise He has made.

The song “Show Yourself” praises the authentic character of God, depicting Him as a trustworthy deity who promptly responds when His children call upon Him.

If you yearn to encounter the supernatural workings of the Father, “Show Yourself” is a melody that propels you into profound intercession.

He possesses the ability to transform situations and silence the skeptics.

The foundation of “Show Yourself” is rooted in Isaiah 44:25, which declares God’s power to confound false prophets, render diviners insane, cause the wise to stumble, and make their knowledge foolish.

Rest assured, God is orchestrating a turnaround in your circumstances.

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