[Music] Seun Hara ft. Zion Yetunde Are – Emi To Gbe


seun hara

Minister Seun Hara, the acclaimed Nigerian worship music minister renowned for his dynamic and spiritually enriching compositions, has released his latest masterpiece, “Emi to Gbe,” featuring the talented Zion Yetunde Are. With a rich tapestry of gospel singles under his belt, including hits such as “Ọba,” “Oluwosan,” “Yahweh,” “I Believe,” and “You Will Speak,” Minister Seun Hara continues to captivate audiences with his profound devotion and musical prowess.

A native of Nigeria and a graduate of Mass Communication from Abraham Adesanya Polytechnic in Ijebu Igbo, Minister Seun Hara brings a unique blend of cultural authenticity and heartfelt worship to his craft. Through his distinctive style and impassioned delivery, he leads listeners into a spiritual realm of profound acknowledgment of God’s presence.

As the visionary and captain of the esteemed Gospel media house, Intimate Worshippers, Minister Seun Hara remains committed to spreading the message of God’s love and grace through various social media platforms. Intimate Worshippers has emerged as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment, providing daily access to gospel content and nurturing a community of faithful believers.

Reflecting on his musical journey, Minister Seun Hara expresses his unwavering dedication to intimate worship, emphasizing its transformative power in deepening one’s relationship with God. Through his ministry, he seeks to touch hearts, uplift souls, and ultimately lead individuals into a closer walk with the divine.

“Emi to Gbe” represents the latest chapter in Minister Seun Hara’s illustrious career, offering listeners a transcendent experience of worship and communion with the Holy Spirit. With Zion Yetunde Are’s soulful collaboration adding depth and richness to the song, “Emi to Gbe” promises to resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.

For a divine encounter through music, experience the soul-stirring melodies of “Emi to Gbe” by Minister Seun Hara.


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