Apostle Joshua Selman Receives Invitation To Deliver Lecture At Harvard University


apostle Joshua Selman

In a remarkable achievement, Apostle Joshua Selman, a Nigerian gospel minister, conference speaker, and televangelist, has been invited to deliver an inspiring lecture at the esteemed Harvard University.

Apostle Selman, known for his profound teachings and spiritual leadership, is also the founder of Koinonia (Eternity Network International), a renowned ministry with a global impact.

The invitation was extended by the Harvard University Center for the Study of African Societies and Economics (CSASE), recognizing Apostle Selman’s prominence and his significant contributions to society. The lecture, under the theme “The Role of Religion in Resilient Societies: Lessons from Africa’s Development Journey,” will take place on Tuesday, 26th of March, 2024, from 12:00pm to 1:30pm at the prestigious Harvard Divinity School.

Apostle Selman’s lecture promises to shed light on the vital role of religion in fostering resilient societies, drawing from his extensive knowledge and experiences. His teachings and insights have touched the lives of many, and this invitation to Harvard University serves as a testament to his expertise in exploring the intersection of faith and social progress.

Following the lecture, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with Apostle Selman and fellow participants during a reception. The event is expected to be an enlightening and thought-provoking dialogue, challenging perceptions and inspiring meaningful conversations about the relationship between religion and societal development.

As spaces are limited due to the exclusivity of the occasion, interested individuals are encouraged to register in advance to secure their attendance.

The Koinonia Global Family, Apostle Selman’s devoted followers, are eagerly anticipated to be present and make valuable contributions to this important conversation.

This invitation to deliver a lecture at Harvard University stands as a testament to Apostle Joshua Selman’s significant impact as a gospel minister and his dedication to exploring the relationship between faith and societal development. The event marks a remarkable milestone and opens doors for continued engagement and collaboration on a global scale.

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