Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapses With Many Casualties


Francis Scott key bridge

Few people have been declared missing, while others have been reported dead as Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore collapsed.

It was reported that the bridge collapsed, a cargo ship hit one of its support columns.

The cargo ship lost power and rammed into a part of the bridge in Baltimore early Tuesday, destroying the span in a matter of seconds and plunging it into the river in a terrifying collapse that could disrupt a vital shipping port for months. Six people were missing and presumed dead, and the search for them was suspended until Wednesday morning.

It was also recorded that several vehicles which were on the bridge at that time, plunged into the waters.

The men recovered have been identified as Alejandro Hernandez and Dorlian Ronial.

According to Colonel Roland L. Butler Jr from Maryland State Police, he revealed that efforts to safe the others were put on hold due to the treacherous conditions.

The ship’s crew issued a mayday call moments before the crash, which led the Maryland Transportation Authority Police Dispatch and Response officials to act swiftly by shutting down the north and south sides of the bridge.

In the audio, one official said; “Hold all traffic on the Key Bridge… There’s a ship approaching that just lost their steering so until we get that under control, we’ve got to stop all traffic.

“Make sure no one’s on the bridge right now. There’s a crew up there… You might want to notify the foreman to see if we can get them off the bridge temporarily.”

After various investigations and rescue mission, all crew members on board the ship, including the two pilots, have been accounted for and there were no reports of injuries.

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