[Music] Forrest Frank ft. Connor Price – Up


Forrest Frank

Forrest Frank, the dynamic gospel musician known for his soul-stirring melodies and powerful lyrics, has collaborated with Connor Price to release a captivating new single titled “Up”. This uplifting anthem promises to uplift spirits and ignite hearts with its vibrant energy and empowering message.

“Up” is a celebration of faith and resilience, offering listeners a message of hope and encouragement in the face of adversity. With its infectious rhythm and inspiring lyrics, the song serves as a reminder of the boundless possibilities that await those who put their trust in the Almighty.

Forrest Frank’s distinctive vocals, coupled with Connor Price’s emotive delivery, create a dynamic synergy that resonates deeply with audiences. From the uplifting chorus to the heartfelt verses, “Up” is a testament to the transformative power of faith and perseverance.

“I am thrilled to collaborate with Connor Price on this powerful anthem,” says Forrest Frank. “Our goal with ‘Up’ is to inspire listeners to rise above their circumstances and embrace the abundant life that God has promised. No matter what challenges we may face, we can find strength and hope in Him.”

Produced to the highest standards, “Up” showcases Forrest Frank and Connor Price’s exceptional talent and musical artistry. From the infectious melodies to the soaring harmonies, the song exudes a sense of joy and optimism, inviting listeners to join in a chorus of praise and celebration.

“Up” is now available on all major streaming platforms.


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