Household of David Church Shares Progress On Church Rebuilding Efforts After Fire Incident


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The Household of David Church is making significant progress in rebuilding its church after a devastating fire incident.

You would recall that the church was gutted with fire on a Wednesday morning ahead of their Mercy Conference 2024.

Sharing this sad news, the senior pastor, Sola Osunmakinde revealed while everything was set ahead of the conference, they started hearing that there was fire up there on the roof of the church.

“As we know, ‘Mercy Conference’ starts today, but something happened that I just want to put a message out there to people. I came here this morning, everybody was setting up, everything was going fine. All of a sudden, we started hearing that there was fire and something up there on the roof of the church.

“I know there will be reactions, and people will say that and that, but that is none of my concern now.” the clergyman said back then.

The church recently took to its Instagram account to share photos of the ongoing reconstruction, accompanied by a heartfelt caption expressing gratitude to everyone who has offered support during this challenging time.

In their Instagram post, the Household of David Church expressed their sincere appreciation to all those who have stood by them, assisting in various ways.

The photos shared on Instagram showcased the progress being made in the reconstruction process, signifying renewed hope and determination within the church community.


“We say a big thank you to everyone who has stood with us in one way or the other.” the church said.

The church members are filled with gratitude for the outpouring of support they have received from individuals and groups who have stood with them during this trying period.

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