[Music] Ekpono Moswill – Higher



Ekpono Moswill, the rising star in the gospel music scene, is proud to announce the release of his latest single, “Higher.” Produced by the talented Kemzy Kem, this brand-new proclamation song is set to captivate audiences with its heartfelt expression of gratitude and acknowledgment of God’s goodness and mercy.

“Higher” serves as a powerful declaration of personal devotion and praise to the Almighty. Ekpono Moswill emphasizes the importance of personalizing our relationship with God, expressing who He is to us, and lifting His name in genuine praise. With lyrics that resonate with believers, “Higher” is a soul-stirring anthem that uplifts spirits and magnifies the greatness of God.

Through the skillful production of Kemzy Kem and Ekpono Moswill’s heartfelt vocals, “Higher” promises to be a standout track in the gospel music landscape. Ekpono Moswill’s commitment to spreading messages of faith and devotion shines through in this inspiring single, offering listeners an opportunity to connect with the divine in a profound and meaningful way.

“Higher” is now available for streaming on all major music platforms.


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