[Music] Temitayo Adubi – My Yahweh


temitayo adubi

Temitayo Adubi, the acclaimed gospel artist renowned for his soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics, has unveiled his latest offering, “My Yahweh.” This powerful sound of worship is poised to uplift spirits and inspire hearts, carrying with it a divine covenant that promises blessings and the manifestation of God’s glory to all who raise their voices in praise.

“Yahweh” is more than just a song; it is a sacred declaration of faith and devotion. With its emotive lyrics and stirring melodies, the song invites listeners to enter into a deeper connection with God, acknowledging Him as their everything and their all in all. Temitayo Adubi’s heartfelt vocals and passionate delivery breathe life into the lyrics, creating an immersive worship experience that resonates with believers worldwide.

“There is a covenant on this sound,” says Temitayo Adubi. “As you raise your voice in worship, Yahweh will honor you with His glory, and you will be abundantly blessed.”

The lyrics of “Yahweh” echo themes of adoration and reverence, proclaiming the amazing love and grace of God. The chorus, “I worship you my Yahweh,” serves as a heartfelt declaration of devotion and praise to the Almighty.

With “Yahweh,” Temitayo Adubi invites listeners to join him in a profound expression of worship and adoration. The song’s timeless message and uplifting melody make it a perfect addition to any worship playlist or devotional time.

“Yahweh” is now available on all major streaming platforms.


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