Urgent Call For Prayers As Armed Men Abducts Over 280 Students In Kuriga Kaduna State


school kidnap

The past few days and hours as been a tough one for people in Kuriga, Kaduna State as armed men abduct over 280 students from school.

The tragic incident which happened on Thursday, has left families of the abducted student in total distress and discomfort.

It was reported that the bandits invaded the Kuriga, the Chikun Local Government Area of Kaduna State on Thursday, as they began shooting at their victims before abducting over 280 students.

A teacher in the school, Sani Abdullahi who witnessed the tragic event narrated how the incident took place. He said;

“I resumed school today (Thursday) at exactly 7:47am. I entered the acting principal’s office and signed. All of a sudden, the acting principal asked me to look at my back and when I turned, we discovered that bandits had surrounded the school premises.

“We became confused. We didn’t know where to go. Then, the bandits asked us to enter the bush, so we obeyed them because there were many and the pupils who were about 700 were following us. So, when we entered the bush, I was lucky to escape alongside many other people.

“So, I returned to the village and reported what happened to the community. So, immediately our vigilante and personnel of KADVS (Kaduna State Vigilante Service) followed the bandits, but the vigilante did not succeed the bandits killed one of the vigilantes; we just buried him a short while ago.’’

The teacher also disclosed that efforts were made bu vigilantes in order to identify those kidnapped by the bandits.

“It was when we came back from that pursuit that we briefed the village head and we started making efforts to know the number of pupils and teachers taken away by the bandits.

“At GSS Kuriga, 187 students are presently missing. In the primary school, 125 pupils were initially missing, but, 25 of them escaped and retired home,” he recounted.

The Governor of Kaduna State, Uba Sani, having visited the school assured the families and communities that all effort will be made in order to bring back the captives.

“We will do whatever we need to do to ensure the safe return of these children. They are my children also it is our responsibility as a government to ensure security,” Mr Sani said.

In as much as measures are being put in place in order to ensure the students are rescued, we call on Christians to rise and pray for the supernatural intervention from God for the release of the children.

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