[Music + Video] Dami Paul ft. Moses Akoh – Jehovah Sabaoth


dami Paul

Dami Paul, a devoted Christian happily committed to marriage, deeply cherishing God and His teachings, joins forces with Moses Akoh to unveil a resounding anthem of God’s unwavering love and omnipotent presence – “Jehovah Sabaoth”

“Jehovah Sabaoth” is a divine melody bestowed during a moment when PSun, Pastor of Holyhill, imparted the vision for the year. A declaration that in all that unfolds in 2024, God shall reveal Himself as Jehovah Sabaoth.

What greater assurance can one seek? The God of celestial and terrestrial armies, the spiritual and physical realms, is your heavenly Father and Almighty God.

Let this song be a declaration of your faith in God’s mighty power and steadfast love. Sing it with confidence and assurance that Jehovah Sabaoth is with you always, ready to fight for you and lead you to victory.

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