[Music + Video] Dunsin Oyekan – City Of God


Dunsin Oyekan

Esteemed gospel artist Dunsin Oyekan announces the release of his latest transcendent anthem, “City Of God,” set to captivate hearts and minds globally with its profound message of spiritual awakening and unity. With its powerful lyrics and melodious composition, “City Of God” stands as a testament to Oyekan’s unwavering commitment to inspire and uplift audiences around the world.

Drawing inspiration from biblical themes and spiritual insight, “City Of God” invites listeners on a transformative journey of faith and reflection. Through soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics, Oyekan paints a vivid portrait of the eternal city, a sanctuary of divine presence and everlasting peace.

In a world marked by division and turmoil, “City Of God” serves as a beacon of hope and unity, beckoning all to embrace the power of love and reconciliation. Oyekan’s impassioned vocals and stirring instrumentation create an immersive experience that resonates deeply with audiences of all backgrounds and beliefs.

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