[Music + Video] Joy Forze ft. Karine Atem – Maranatha


joy forze

Joy Forze, the acclaimed female gospel music sensation known for her powerful vocals and soul-stirring lyrics, unveils her latest single, “Maranatha,” featuring the renowned gospel songstress Karine Atem. Produced under the banner of In Him Management, this captivating song adds to Joy Forze’s impressive repertoire, which includes hits such as “Again and Again,” “Scatter Body,” and “Beautiful.”

Reflecting on the profound message embedded within “Maranatha,” Joy Forze shares her thoughts via her social media platforms, inviting listeners to contemplate their readiness for the imminent return of Jesus Christ. Quoting scripture from Matthew 25 and Revelation 22:17, Joy emphasizes the urgency of spiritual preparedness and the significance of vigilance in one’s relationship with the Divine.

“Jesus is coming again! Are we ready?” Joy Forze prompts her audience. “This song will make you reflect on your current relationship with the Master. If He comes today, are you ready? Join us as we echo the words of the Spirit – Maranatha, Maranatha (Come Lord Jesus!).”

“Indeed let him who hears say Come and He that is thirsty come and he who wishes come drink of the Living Water,” she concludes, encapsulating the essence of spiritual longing and the eternal quest for divine fulfillment.

“Maranatha” serves as a poignant reminder of the imminent return of Christ and the enduring hope of salvation. With its soul-stirring melodies and heartfelt lyrics, the song beckons believers to renew their faith and embrace the promise of redemption.

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