[Music + Video] Esther Olorunyomi – Oruko Jesu


Esther Olorunyomi

Esther Olorunyomi recently released new song titled “Oruko Jesu” now available below to all digital platforms.

Immerse yourself in a powerful live performance that will uplift your soul and stir your spirit! Introducing ‘Oruko Jesu (The Name of Jesus)’ – a captivating music video captured straight from my electrifying concert! 🎤🎸 Join us in this praise and worship, as we raise our voices in unison to exalt the magnificent name of Jesus through heart-stirring melodies and an atmosphere of worship.

This video not only showcases the energy and devotion of the live event but also offers you a chance to experience the awe-inspiring presence of Jesus wherever you are. Get ready to be moved, inspired, and renewed as you witness this unforgettable musical journey. Hit that play button and let the worship begin!

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