[Music] Amanda Nolan – For Such A Time As This


Amanda Nolan

Amanda Nolan’s redemption story is a familiar one; in the midst of severe depression and anxiety and all the world could throw at her, she was rescued by Jesus and her life was forever changed. Now, drawing from her life experiences and her gift for songwriting, Nolan is looking to use music to reach more souls that need to know that there’s more to life. Her inspirational new song, “For Such A Time As This,” is the next step forward.

Those familiar with the Book of Esther probably already picked out the reference. In the fourth chapter, Esther’s cousin Mordecai is trying to convince her to speak up about a great impending evil, saying she may have been brought into that kingdom “for such a time as this.” Nolan’s use of the phrase does not bear quite the same weight as what Esther faced. However, it is a highly encouraging song meant to boost the confidence of God’s people as they embark on whatever path He is calling them to. The songs opens with that all-too-familiar feeling of doubt, but also wastes no time in attempting to dispel it (“You heard the call in the night / and you don’t know if you feel ready / wondering if it’s worth the fight / ’cause you know it’s about to get heavy / but you’ve got an army of angels lifting you up”). Nolan hits home that when God puts a calling on our life, He will make us ready and be with us along the way.

Amanda Nolan doesn’t have much in the way of official releases, with only two singles to her name as of writing this, but she has already impressed this reviewer with her powerful voice and effective instrumentation. Had I not known, I would have thought this was a major label CCM artist and not a brand new independent artist on her second song. This could easily steal the airwaves of Christian pop radio, and I’m kind of hoping it does.


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