[Album] Mali Music – God Be Praised


Mali Music

Mali Music, the celebrated artist known for his soul-stirring music, is set to captivate audiences once again with his latest single, “My Worship.” This compelling track serves as the lead single from his highly anticipated album, “God Be Praised,” marking a significant milestone in Mali Music’s evolving musical journey. With a blend of eclectic melodies, profound lyrics, and a reaffirmation of faith, this forthcoming album promises to take listeners on a transformative exploration of spirituality and personal growth.

“God Be Praised” is a meticulously crafted body of work that showcases Mali Music’s growth as a songwriter and a spiritual being. The album acts as a sonic journey, guiding listeners through a tapestry of introspection, love, and thought-provoking messages. Mali Music’s intention is clear—to affirm God’s boundless power and remind his listeners of their rightful place in the Kingdom.

With “My Worship” as the leading single, Mali Music invites audiences to embark on this transformative musical expedition. The song encapsulates his unique ability to blend hypnotic beats with melodious harmonies while delivering lyrics that ignite the spirit. Mali Music’s voice is an instrument of expression, effortlessly conveying the depths of his devotion and creating an immersive experience for his listeners.

Download God Be Praised Mp3 Album By Mali Music
1. Mali Music – My Worship
2. Mali Music – True Love
3. Mali Music – Rampage
4. Mali Music – Indy Intro
5. Mali Music – Stick Around
6. Mali Music – Cloud
7. Mali Music – Can’T Wash Off The Blood
8. Mali Music – Rain
9. Mali Music – Yes I Do


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