[Music] Jfortune Goodman – Promise Keeper



The song “Promise Keeper” by Jfortune Goodman is a joyful and worshipful song that praises God for his faithfulness in keeping his promises. The lyrics repeatedly affirm that Jehovah always keeps his promises and never fails, emphasizing his trustworthiness. The use of different names for God throughout the song, such as Jehovah Nissi, my Redeemer, my Savior, and the “I am,” highlights his many attributes and roles in the lives of believers.

The singer encourages listeners to praise God for fulfilling his promises and restoring what was lost. The bridge of the song celebrates the new identity that believers have in Christ, as a “royal priesthood” and “chosen generation,” and the responsibility they have to be a light of the world and serve others. The use of the phrase “His promise are yes and Amen” proclaims the certainty and reliability of God’s promises.


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