[Music] Chozenn – Bawl Out (Jesus Name)



Chozenn recently released new song titled “Bawl Out (Jesus Name)” now available below.

Naturally, this song will provoke emotions, but this move of God shows anything bad can become good. I am not an escapist I strongly oppose escapism, The harsh reality social media, and television as poisoned the minds of our Children. Rape, molestation, early pregnancy and so much more is sadly what is happening to our youth, Music is powerful, the core agenda is to target our youth and provide an option to what they’re hearing, in our taxis, buses, supermarkets, communities and surprisingly our homes. Reggae and Dancehall is Jamaica’s authentic sound to the beat as it captivates the mind effortlessly. As a minister of the Gospel in these last days, we have to use wisdom and tap into our culture and invade it positively. However, while we marvel men God gets all the glory, we use songs and methods like these to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, our Lord works in a mysterious way this is another way he is using me (Chozenn) to share his word radically. I refuse to accept that this general is lost, If you are not a Christian while reading this you, yes you! I am praying for you to accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour. If you are saved and overly critical and deeply religious it’s not for you but don’t be quick to Judge God will be back to Judge the hearts of Men. I love you all and I am praying for this nation and world. [HOSEA 4:6]

Special thanks to Hybrid Media Concepts – Kalvin Ellington [Music Video Shoot & Edit] Also Journey Music re ; Music Production Salute.


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